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18 NDC Airlines

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Ancillary Services

seats, bags, meals...

Booking Servicing

cancel, refund, void, change


feed of all essential data to mid-office systems



Friendly UX

saving on your team's training time

Features & Benefits

Symphony.Hub provides agents with similar yet simpler working experience as they currently have with GDS.

Search & Book

Get offers of all the available NDC airlines on a single screen, including a full description of fare rules, baggage allowances, package features & more. The NDC offers can be enriched by LCC offers or GDS offers for those carriers not offering NDC content yet *.

Hold Booking

Put the booking on hold without paying for it and issuing it instantly, so your customers have time to think this over without making an immediate commitment.

Various Payment Options

Choose from the various payment options that suit your and your customer needs, including BSP/ARC & Credit Card payments.

Void, Cancel & Refund

If the customer wants to travel no longer, you can void, cancel or refund the booking at a single click – with no hassle about checking the rules or facing a risk of ADM as Symphony.Hub will do all of this for you.

Ancillary Services

Book extra bags, seats, meals, WiFi & more (often available through NDC only) when booking the initial ticket, or add those to an existing booking later on. So you can offer you customers a fully customized content and experience.

Booking Servicing

Change the existing booking at a single click with a calm of mind whilst Symphony.Hub will keep its eye on all the fare rules for you, so there’s no risk of ADMs for your agency anymore.

Back Office

Have a full control on how to maximize your business potential. From setting a specific service fee, through choosing between NDC or GDS for a particular airline (even DOWN on a city-pair level) to managing access rights for all staff completely by yourself.


Get a full set of business data related to flight bookings that can be used to feed your accounting, invoicing and other back-office systems.

Friendly UX

Unlike to some of the GDS environments even the most difficult actions are just a simple click away thanks to Symphony.Hub and its extremely intuitive user experience. This means you can train a new ticketing agent in just a couple of hours, enabling you to offer your customers a world class service at a fraction of your current training cost.

* Subject the LCC & GDS content is available for the respective country.